Abilene Car Repair Is What We’re About

Our goal is to provide Abilene with high-quality car repair and a facility to meet the needs of people in need of vehicle repair.

Auto Repair: Do-It-Yourself, Done Right!

Abilene Car RepairIf you like doing your own auto repair, but lack the space or tools to properly do the job, Auto Aide is your solution. We provide a self-service garage with bays for rent, mechanics for rent, and specialty tools available as well. Or if you already have all the tools you need, and just need a bay or lift to work in, we’ve got it. Take advantage of this unique facility in Abilene today!

Our facilities are well maintained and weather-proof, giving you a great controlled environment to perform your vehicle repairs. We also have vehicle reference material on-hand for quick look-ups.

Self Car Repair = Big Savings

What’s the biggest advantage of doing your own vehicle repairs? The money you save! You can knock over 75% off the cost of a repair just by doing it yourself. If the idea of fixing your vehicle scares you, don’t worry. We’ve got mechanics who will show you the proper ways to repair the problems, at reasonable rates!

See The Difference

Here’s a look at the potential savings on a repair done through a self-service garage like us compared to traditional mechanic work.

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